About Us

We generate environmentally friendly electricity using existing fuels.

Our aim is to provide unique fuel cell power systems that allows our customers to utilise the existing fuel infrastructures without further damage to the environment. We believe that our systems truly bridge the gap between the infrastructure of today and that of tomorrow, by using tomorrow’s technology within today’s reality. Our world-class development team reaches astonishing results.

Extensive research in the field of fuel cell systems has resulted in an innovative, unique and patented technology for converting commercially available hydro carbon fuels into clean, environmentally friendly electricity. Our environment friendly power systems developed with unique fuel cell technology is suitable for both existing and future fuel infrastructures.

Sharing a commitment for an environmentally sustainable world

The growth and development of PowerCell has been made possible by combining the enthusiasm and professionalism of a group of highly skilled scientists in the field of fuel cells with the vast R&D resources of the Volvo Group. Thus, our research and development resulted in a unique, patented, fuel cell and fuel reformer technology.
The development of new fuel cell technology within the Volvo Group dates from the early nineties. PowerCell Sweden AB was founded in 2008 with the objective of bringing fuel cell and fuel reformer know-how to full commercialization.
In 2009, Volvo Technology Transfer, Midroc New Technology, Ocas Ventures and Fouriertransform, all major players in their chosen sectors, and all sharing a commitment for an environmentally sustainable world, jointly made an investment in the capital of our company.


Our mission is to offer customers efficient environmentally friendly power products and systems with leading fuel cell and reformer technology for existing and future fuel infrastructure.


To be the world’s leading innovative fuel cell company by:
-creating value for customers in selected segments
-innovative products and systems for existing and future fuels
– providing efficient products that reduce the environmental impact

Core Values

Environmental Care

Policy for Environment and Quality

PowerCell develops and supplies fuel cells, systems and services that lower environmental impact from energy generation and at the same time create a value for the customers through high product efficiency and durability. By using research and advanced technological development we enable the fossil free society. With careful control and continuous improvements on our management system we secure:

  • Satisfied customers
  • High product quality and delivery precision
  • Engaged and competent personnel
  • High performing development and production systems
  • Effective use of material and resources
  • Cooperation with suppliers and partners
  • Compliance with laws, regulations and stakehoquirements
Powercell is ISO 9001 Certified Powercell is ISO 14001 Certified