We offer fuel cell solutions with state of the art

components designed for excellent performance

PowerCell has developed fuel cell technology for more than a decade, and have perfected a unique design that enables the production of a light, versatile and reliable source of power for the automotive, transportation and stationary applications. PowerCell’s fuel system converts hydrogen to electricity in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner, with zero emissions and quiet operation.

Through PowerCell’s unique diesel reformer and fuel cell stack technologies, various markets can be addressed with complete electric generation systems, fuel cell stacks as a component or to help customers by providing engineering support.

Fuel Cell Stacks

The fuel cell platform can be used in numerous applications, for example houses, buildings or traffic systems to create environment friendly electricity. PowerCell’s fuel cell stack is designed to work on reformate gas as well as pure hydrogen.

Fuel Cell Systems

PowerCell develops fuel cell systems for stationary and mobile applications. The stationary systems are powered by hydrogen or reformat and low sulphure diesel while the systems for mobile applications are designed to operate on pure hydrogen.

Fuel Cell Specialists

With extensive knowledge and state-of-the art facilities we offer cutting edge support to customers and partners in the development of fuel cell solutions. For companies aiming for a fossil free future by fuel cell but don´t know how to start – let us give you a helping hand.