PowerCell’s innovative technology

Fuel Cells are part of the future clean power energy system

Our mission is to offer environmentally friendly power systems developed with unique fuel cell and reformer technology that is suitable for both existing and future fuel infrastructures.

Over the years, the Volvo Group has promoted extensive research in the field of fuel cell systems, and this has resulted in an innovative, unique and patented technology for converting commercially available hydro carbon fuels into clean, environment-friendly electricity. On our journey for solving the demand for environment-friendly energy PowerCell is always striving to develop cutting edge technology. This has resulted in a number of patents. Read more about patent.

There are several different types of fuel cells classified according to the type of electrolyte they use, which largely determines the properties of the fuel cell. PowerCell works with Proton Exchange Membrane as the electrolyte, in PEM fuel cells. PEM fuel cells operate at a relatively low temperature (<100°C) with rapid start-up and response times. They have the highest energy density of all fuel-cell types and are the most commonly used and mature fuel-cell technology. This makes them ideal for most applications, including for deployment in the automotive industry.

According to the research company 4th Energy Wave8, about 95% of all fuel cells delivered are of the PEM type. A previous drawback from PEM fuel cells is that they were most suited for use with pure hydrogen gas, but were not suited to reformed gas. PowerCell is the only company in the world to have developed reforming technology with the capacity to produce hydrogen gas from commercially available diesel (but can also be adapted to such other hydrocarbon-based fuel as gasoline and biofuel) of such high quality that it can be used in a PEM fuel cell. PowerCell’s fuel cell system thus has the potential to contribute to the introduction of fuel cells on a larger scale for several new applications in most locations and markets, given that every country in the world has a system in place for distributing diesel. Based on its technology platform, PowerCell is developing highly competitive products. PowerCell is also developing fuel cell systems that run on pure hydrogen gas to offer cost-effective and entirely emission-free electrical generation for applications where hydrogen gas is available.